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Video Tutorials
Watch some short videos about the usage of the FlashFilterLab>>
First Steps - 1
The First Steps hands-on tutorial guides you through the basic steps to build a simple sceene in FlashFilterLab. The tutorial takes about 5 minutes to complete.>>
First Steps - 2
In the previous tutorial we introduced the stepper node with a timer. It is one of the four basic ways to add animation to your effect. Now we take a closer look at two of them.>>
Advanced visual effects, made easy - Hands
This tutorial shows the use of more advanced techniques, like the displacement map, whith what you can make wonders to your Flash animation.>>
Exporting Your Scene
With FlashFilterLab you can not only create advanced flash effects but you can reuse them too. For this purpose you will need to export your filters. We provide you a number of export options.>>