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  Frequently Asked Questions

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  I exported my webcam experiment from FlashFilterLab it is not working outside FFL. I haw complete package including fla file, do I need to make some changes in actionscript? I'm not good at that, do you have step by step tutorial for non programmers?

  i am working on a MacBook and have trouble generating a webcam output
please adjust your flash player settings: right click on flash and select USB Video .. as the input.

  How do I get started?
If you don't like to read tutorials, its the best way to open some examples, and start experimenting whit them in the LAB. To do so, select the examples from the main FFL page and select the EDIT IN LAB function.

  I have some ideas, how you could improve FlashFilterLab. What do i do?
Well, dont hesitate to send us your ideas. Look for the request tracker under the feedback menu, where you also can read what other people think about FlashFilterLab

  I’m getting some kind of error, what do I do?
FlashFilterLab is in BETA stage, so it is possible to find some bugs and errors. If you just found one, please read the other bug reports under the feedback menu and if yours is not in the list, please send us your bug report.

  I'm having trouble getting started. Is there a tutorial?
There are plenty of tutorials, wich will help you getting started with FlashFilterLab. You can find them under the tutorial menu. For beginners its the best, to start with the first steps tutorials. You can also learn a lot by reading the documentation/help files.

  Is it possible, to reuse the sceenes made with FlashFilterLab, outside FFL? Can they be exported somehow?
Yes, the main objective of FlashFilterLab was, to give the flash community a tool, with that one can easily create sceenes, filters and visual effects and then export it even to Adobe Flash. After exporting, you get a fully functionally .swf file and you also get the .fla source file, whith that you can do, whatever you want. To use the export function, just klick on the last button from the main function buttons in the Lab. For detailed description see the documentation and read the exporting tutorial.

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