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  FlashFilterLab Documentation

The documentation of FlashFilterLab stands out of three parts. The first part, the documentation of the Lab describes how to use the Lab (which is the design tool of FlashFilterLab, what you can start by clicking on "Start Lab" at the top left of any page). The second part is the reference of nodes, which are the functional units of the lab. You design your FFL scenes, by connecting these nodes together. The third part describes the public components, which in fact are often used FFL nodes, already connected and grouped together. The last part is the description of the modules, which are ready made actionscript codes, prepared for FlashFilterLab to be used in.

  Documentation of Lab

Getting Started
  Basic Usage of the Lab
  Connector Types
User Interface
  View Area
Advanced Options
  Working with Groups
  Working with Components
  Value Capturing
  Using Scene Multipliers
Manage Scenes
  Load Scene
  Save Scene
Manage Inputs
  Load Input
  Upload Input
Manage Components
  Load Component
  Editing Components
  Save Component
Using Modules
  Working with Modules
  Uploading and Managing Modules
  Module API Documentation

  Reference of Nodes

Movie Clip
  SWF Player
  SWF Controller
  FLV Player
  Sound Mixer
  Sound Loader
  Perlin Noise
  Channel Copy
  Bitmap Splitter
  Bitmap Threshold
  Drop Shadow
  Displacement Map
  Transform Matrix
  AS Variable
  Value Capture
  Explode Point
  Extended Arithmetic

  Description of Components

  Changing Clouds
  Moving Clouds

  Description of Modules

  3D Rotate
  3D Transform
  Color Bounds
  Follow Coordinates
  Follow Random
  Image Distort
  LR Region Detect
  Microphone Activity
  Motion Detect
  Note Player
  Open Stepper
  Random Movement
  Region Detect
  Smooth Change
  Tree Draw
  Value Incrementer
  Vertical Line Chart
  Zoom To