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Featured FlashFilterLab scene

29 jun 2008
FFL is finalist at FlashForward Festival >>

21 may 2008
Next generation FlashFilterLab in alpha >>

03 may 2008
New version coming soon >>

19 March 2008
Flashconference in Stuttgart >>

07 March 2008
FlashFilterLab at the fmx08 conference >>

 SourceBinder.org: next generation of FlashFilterLab in alpha

SourcebinderThe new version of FlashFilterLab was renamed to SourceBinder. This was already badly necessary, because this thing is far-far away from being only a filter compositing tool for flash. After it's first public presentation at the Flashconference in Stuttgart a closed alpha version was released. You can check it out and apply for alpha invitations at SourceBinder.org . Of course flashfilterlab will still be available, but after the final release of SourceBinder there will probably be no reason any more to use this instead of the new thing. And one more good news: SourceBinder will be open source.

visit SourceBinder.org



 FlashFilterLab show reel

FlashFilterLab Showreel from Balazs Serenyi on Vimeo.

 Overview of FlashFilterLab

You can vote for FFL on FlashForwardFlashFilterLab (FFL) a web-based visual application for easy creation, real-time tuning and sharing of complex Adobe Flash effects and movies. FFL extends the possibilities of Adobe Flash and provides a sound environment for beginners to advanced Flash users to fully leverage the potential of Flash. Furthermore, the mostly cumbersome way of using, combining and tuning of Flash objects now becomes just as easy as a child’s play!

FlashFilterLab is released under Creative Common license, you may use it free of charge for whatever you would like.

To try FlashFilterLab, simply click on the Start Lab> link on the top left of this page or click here >>


A simple FlashFilterLab scene in the working environment

screenshot of the Lab

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Available video tutorials on using FlashFilterLab:

Available text based tutorials:

Advanced visual effects, made easy - Hands
This tutorial shows the use of more advanced techniques, like the displacement map, whith what you can make wonders to your Flash animation.>>
First Steps - 1
The First Steps hands-on tutorial guides you through the basic steps to build a simple sceene in FlashFilterLab. The tutorial takes about 5 minutes to complete.>>