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New version coming soon
The new, AS3-powered version of FFL - called SourceBinder - is coming soon.>>
Next generation FlashFilterLab in alpha
After the first public presentation of SourceBinder at the Flashconference in Stuttgart we released an alpha version of SourceBinder, the next generation of FlashFilterlab. Check it out at sourcebinder.org>>
Flashconference in Stuttgart
Thanks to the nice team of flashconference we are invited to present the new version of FlashFilterLab with a small workshop. The conference will be on may 08. 2008 in Stuttgart.>>
FFL is finalist at FlashForward Festival
FlashFilterLab became finalist at FlashForward, San Fransicso.>>
FlashFilterLab at the fmx08 conference
A great honor is, that we have been invited to present FlashFilterLab at the fmx conference in Stuttgart.>>
FFL meets physical computing
To be able to connect FlashFilterLab with Arduino, FFL standalone gets a new module, which makes it really easy to connect to any kind of analog or digital sensors. Great thanks goes to Massimo Banzi who is the father of Arduino.>>
FFL gets part of a seminar at the Hungarian University of Art and Design>>
FFL Workshop at dorkbot
Balázs Serényi - FlashFilterLab presents a workshop at the Dorkbot in Budapest.>>
FFL at New Technology meetup
FlashFilterLab at TopTalentAward in Wien, Austria
"Expulsion from Paradise" - The experimental movie looking for the boundaries of interactive storytelling with real-time rendering - will be presented at EUROPRIX Top Talent Festival 2006 from Friday (24/11) in Wien, Austria.>>
Visual aids and timeline-based value modifying in FFL
FFL is now in public BETA!
FFL API - alpha is released.
FFL is nominated for the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award
FFL server moves abroad
We had a lots of traffic from around the world last week so we moved FFL to a new server. This may cause some problems these days but will result hopefully increased download performance in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.>>
New FFL Feature
Ultimate mind sharing tool for Flash
After a month of testing we had a lot of fun with this awesome tool. So it looks like it would be time, for publishing and letting the world know. Althoug by using FFL we got tons of new ideas, so it looks like it would never end.>>